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Upcoming Events

☕ Coffee + Content: "Get Expert Help With Your Marketing" ---- 10th January 10.30pm - 12.30pm PLATF9RM, BN1

👷🏻 Content Master Class: "Blogging For Business" ---- 17th January 10.30pm - 12.30pm PLATF9RM, HOVE £12 Booking Fee

"I got exactly what I wanted from Content+Coffee. It was both very useful and good fun." - Matthew

✨ Content Strategy Essentials - One Day Training Course ---- 24th Jan 10.30am - 4pm PROJECTS, BN1 Pricing starts from £110

"What a great investment in my business! Lots of great information delivered in a relaxed and very friendly environment. " - Jane

💡 POCKET BUSINESS SCHOOL: Come see Toby, Adam Bastock and Tim Healy talk about the latest marketing trends! ---- 6th Feb 12.00pm - 14.00pm PLATF9RM, BN1

☕ Coffee + Content: "Get Expert Help With Your Marketing" ---- 7th Feb 10.30pm - 12.30pm PLATF9RM, BN1